We consistently look forward to enhance the health care systems developed by our clients. We have transformed the disease management portals related to major healthcare clients in USA. Which in turn enhanced the personal care of the citizens. We analyze, design, review and develop new portal applications for new health care processes. We help to develop a digital strategy to evolve new ways of clinical care. We steadily focused on diabetic management, developed Patient Keeper intranet application for tracking of diabetic patients. We help to create an IT Strategy for our healthcare clients to support stronger, high quality and sustainable health care solutions.

  • We aligned technology strategy of major health care companies to their business goals using our cloud and middleware solutions.
  • We developed our home grown customer applications for digitizing health records for major hospitals in USA.
  • We developed portals for Non Communicable diseases to monitor health condition of the citizens in USA.
  • We developed intranet based application for child health to one of the major customer in USA.
  • We created disease management application through cloud implementation and middleware.
  • We have been defined by our innovative approach to health care using cloud and middleware technologies.