Key Performance Indicators

Strategic Initiatives

We have many newly won customers. We have numerous services which are developed being triggered by strategic reviews. We adhere to budgeting process, we primarily do cost benefit analysis. We never exceed approved budget from clients. We strictly adhere to the project resources offered by the customer. We also propose optimizing the cost for our client. We treat feedback as a gift and do customer satisfaction surveys.

Design of our Services

We strictly provide all the services covered in S.L>A backed up by OLA’S/N.C’s. We monitor SLA’S find weak spots, counter measures, regularly review till the agreed service levels are fulfilled and issue identified will be put in an improvement plan

Capacity Planning

We do very well planned capacity adjustments and follow exact forecast to monitor capacity

Resource availability structuring

We offer best services related to resource availability agreed in SLA’S & to OLA’S with lowest service interruptions

Business Continuity Planning

We identify shortcomings in the disaster events fill the gaps & disaster related risk for a suitable service continuity targets.

Security Setup

We prevent, test counter measures and identify short comings which are a service interruption or reduced availability.

Contract Management

100% contracts will be underpinned by UC’s. We conduct contract & customer review’s obliged to contractual condition.

Change Planning

We have best change advisory board & emergency change advisors taking care of RFUS, acceptance rate and meetings.

Project Forecasting

We have successfully rolled out major releases with successful project charters. We adhere to actual vs planned, financial and personnel resources according to the project budget. We 100% make sure that there are no project delays.

Deployment Planning

We segregate & divide releases into minor or major. We deploy in short duration from time of clearance. We automate release distribution, testing and configuration management. Highest pass rate in acceptance testing and identifying errors. We develop U.T.C doc to identify defects then communicate to development team to fix it. Number of incident attributable to new releases coming under service acceptance tests face 100% success customer’s sign off. We verify frequency of CMS contents physically. We provide 100% CMS coverage. We detect unauthorized changes automatically. We audit CMS to identify errors regularly.

Management of Incidents

Lowest repeated incidents, we resolve incidents remotely with lowest number of escalations. Maintaining highest average initial response time as resolution mentioned in S.L.A.

Problem Management

We identify the problem, do root cause analysis and resolve problem.

Service Review

We bench mark, maturity assessment, audit service evaluation, process evaluation and initiatives.
Relentless focus on customer service.