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Predictive Analysis

Collaborative has excellent team of consultants who have rich experience in Predictive Analysis. We follow best practices from creating a dataset to retrieval of important information from that dataset. We analyze the patterns and trends coming out from this dataset to guess the future trends. We are best in forecasting the reliable parameters by thorough analysis.

We develop prediction models based on risk assessment and what -if conditions. We use many renowned techniques in analytics like statistics, SAS, data mining and machine learning.

We are experts in API’s, Data in JSON Format, API, Missing Values, Easy Imputation and Linear Regression Business future is decided by present and past data. We also create all the probabilities in positive and negative outcome. Historical data is critical for prediction modeling , therefore we collect all the true facts related to data and do systemic modeling . We also use predictive model markup language for accurate predictions.

Business Intelligence

The chunk of information is growing every day. Nowadays information is inexpensive yet valuable. We can bring in immense value to any organization by redefining BI solutions provided by us.

We support our customers to remain competitive by building them up with extra ordinary BI infrastructure. We try to move our customers from data driven organizations to BI driven organization.

We implement latest solutions like Cloud BI to the customers interested in exploring new technologies. We strategize BI plans to our customers and support them with all the required data.We are well versed in BI Data Integration, integration being the key driver in many organizations. We provide expert level solutions in BI Project Management.


Enterprise reporting is the key to success of any organization. We have immense experience in building canned and adhoc reports. Complete business planning happens through reporting.

We can provide best reporting solutions in monthly, quarterly and yearly reporting systems in any domain. We offer best reports to our clients in terms of graphical presentations, pictorial presentations ,data quality and best formatting. We use complex formulae in building our reporting systems to our customers. We develop reporting architecture integrate with cloud servers for faster data retrieval.

We use latest technology in report scheduling and broadcasting. We create accurate reports for the people working on the top end of corporate ladder. Our enterprise reporting always presents bigger view of the organization. Our enterprise reporting system is built to the customers who would like to save the cost and time. We provide highest reporting efficiency and clarity. We are experts in creating panda, data frames, Gabor and pi-chaun


The art of communication in future is by forecasting by analyzing past data. Forecasting is the way forward for decision making in any organization. We use state of art code free GUI for forecasting solutions. We automate the forecasting for our customers. We provide easily manageable solutions to our loyal customers. We scale and model different forecasting drivers. We use interactive time series exploration methods for forecasting.

We build repositories for data to create wide range of forecasting models .Graphical forecasting models we build will help our customers to predict the future demand for their products and services .Specific key drivers can be identified which are responsible for the organizational growth while using our forecasting models.

Data Science

We transform structured, unstructured and semi structured data into valuable information required by our clients related to marketing, finance and technology. Our data science solutions comprise of machine learning, statistics and data visualization. We solve many challenges faced by clients by using tools and techniques related to data science. We are best in statistical modelling. We are pioneers in data analytics, data mining and web dash boards.

We specialize in high performance analytics and big data. We convert all types of data like digitized text, audio, visual content, sensor data and weblog data into valuable analytics which provide insights into company present and future performance. We make data available and relevant to our customers using data science topology. We are experts in data manipulation, data analysis, data communication, data visualization, data scalability and data dashboards.

We have a team who are strong in statistics, data science, python and key programming concepts. We have created many POC'S on map reduce concepts.We have rich experience in creating the following concepts Statistical Rigor, Normal Distribution Test, Welch T Test, Non-Parametric Test, Non-Normal Data, Statistics vs. Machine Learning