We integrate technology with business rapidly. Our approach is to speed up processes, bring in good governance models, and scale up resources using cloud implementations and middle ware. We leverage on cost effective solutions, eliminate layers, encourage direct reach to information through our portal, internet and intranet application technologies. We incubate new technology ideas to enhance operational efficiency, distinctive capabilities. We drive technology transformation through our services. We have provided flexible, manageable, security enabled, regulatory compliant processes to our technology partners. We are also involved in developing predictive analytics, machine learning and business intelligence solutions to our technology customers.

  • We offered our custom product to automate middleware implementation to one of the leading Technology Company in USA
  • We have done several code deployments to many major technology players.
  • We pioneered in cloud middleware based components like web application server, edge server components, load balancer and single sign on` solution monitoring of middleware components.
  • We have offered JEE project implementation support in terms of Level 3 and tech support to many digital leaders in USA.