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Our Philosophy

Priority Management Systems

Competitive project execution

Quality environment to build our products and there by supporting the technological services needed by client has been our foremost priority. We understand the requirements of the customer well, then evolve for a solution to fit them appropriately. We offer best value proportion in terms of functional, technological, monetary, time and infrastructure benefits. The aim of our organization is to offer solutions to the most difficult and challenging problems.

We aim to achieve competitive project execution i.e. delivering projects in time within the budget limitation. We aim to make disciplined technological choices in providing solutions. In support of growth towards the customers we also offer disciplined allocation of resources.

We prioritize the work in terms of timelines. We set our goals according to priority given by customers. All our Blockchain business use cases demo, cloud and middleware solutions will be delivered on the basis of high priority, medium and low priority. We also use a tool called Priority Management Systems to divide the tasks into various goals and we allocate the goals to timelines according to the priority.

We segregate the work load to resources based on time bound priority basis. This prioritization results in organizing and managing the projects with highest efficiency. Our project management is directly related to prioritizing the tasks, goals, resources and delivery time. We follow priority in planning, designing and implementation.

We undertake active technology management to concentrate on BlockChain, AI, Cloud, and Middleware solutions where we can play to our strengths. Meaning we continue to grow our leadership position in the above mentioned areas as we leverage our research and study to excel in customer relationships. Our portfolio of projects & operation is focused on where we can generate the most value and necessarily the most volume of business.

Services with highest quality meeting the requirement of the customers. Our primary responsibility is to maintain quality at all levels from organization to Collaborative products and services does best quality management.

We maintain quality in our standards, operating procedures, evaluation methodologies, selection of resources and project commitments. Setting unanimous standard across in complete software development and administration lifecycle. We use quality tools to track the procedural standards. We use standard templates, mentor the employees with best training support. We also review if the quality is maintained at all levels.

Collaborative fully commits to highest quality business continuity planning. We strongly believe in several Quality control check points to ensure successful long-term relationship with our vendors and customers. We follow agile methodology in designing and executing our projects. We also take advices from ASQ, follow their suggestions and implement it in our organization.

Our ability to deliver against our priorities to build the right solution which mostly depends on our distinctive technology background. We apply the most advanced technology solution in all the projects. We work to develop and maintain good relationship with all the stakeholders. We have employees with proven expertise which comes to the fore in the range of cloud, middleware, block chain and analytics discipline. We are very strong in portfolio management, strategy management and customer relationship management.

Collaborative believes that Blockchain technologies just like how the cloud and middleware did in past is very good asset to any client. Blockchain’s DeFi technologies will definitely differentiate from the companies which are following old school methods. Collaborative believes in achieving impossible things by simple approach in cloud and middle ware technologies. Our major differentiator is what we promise we deliver. We manage cloud and middleware solutions very effectively and efficiently like every before.

There are many IT challenges in today’s world we address them by offering the best solutions from cloud implementations to blockchain business use cases. We are undisputable leader in middleware and Analytical research. We believe in good corporate governance and adhere to the commitments made to all of our stakeholders. We work with highest integrity to satisfy the customers and explore new arenas in technological world and willing to participate in digital revolution in a very proactive manner. We believe in creating excellent value to business through our middleware and cloud solutions and thereby Achieving customer delight by exceeding their expectations.