Cloud Implementation

Cloud Computing

We are proud to offer the cloud computing implementation’s by deploying our remote servers and software network which allow different types of data sources for upgrading to real time processing. The growth rate of existing cloud computing users is around 50% p.a. Cloud computing is transforming the business to highest. We believe in sharing the resources and allocating them dynamically to multiple vendors using cloud computing.

This enables us to achieve the highest computing power. We facilitate infrastructure in such a way that multitude clients will be enabled to utilize single server for uploading and downloading information there by avoiding the cost of licensing.

We are pioneers in migrating the traditional businesses to cloud computing environment. We provide best scalability factor by using cloud computing. Business demand is highly uncertain in today’s world, so we provide the cloud services to our customers on need basis which significantly reduces the cost of maintenance of business applications.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

We offer services related to Virtual Machines, blockstorage, firewalls, load balances, Virtual LAN'S and on demand data centers to our customers. Customers can access our services through their Virtual Private Networks.We also provide metrics to record the usage of the services being utilized by our customers. We deploy client applications in our remote servers and create multiple cloud users and supply the necessary applications.

We also take care of the necessary maintenance like applying patches, upgrading with fix packs and service packs on the servers.Hence, we achieve wide range of network access which can be accessed on mobile phones,tablets,laptops and workstations.

Platform as a service (PaaS)

We are experts in maintaining data sources, databases, webservers, web application servers, business applications, development tools, development, test and production environments in cloud. We use cloning techniques to map different assignments to multiple virtual machines during run time in accordance with the demand. Using this cloning technique we can raise the number of cloud computing users to a great extent.

We offer seamless platform support. This method largely reduces the operating expenditure .We offer centralization of our services by managing peak-load capacity efficiently.Performance is monitored constantly using web services metrics. We conduct the best resource pooling depending on the demand for our services.

Software as a service (SaaS)

We offer extensive cloud based solutions for Customer Relation Ship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, internal communication applications, external communication applications, e-commerce, Data Warehousing applications and online gaming. We use load balancing techniques and make applications multitenant. Customers can save lot of costs by avoiding software and hardware maintenance using our cloud based services. We provide the highly secured Cloud based services to our customers. We use multiple redundant sites for backup recovery and business continuity planning. Enormous increase in productivity and profitability is realized by using our best in the class cloud services.

We offer highly scalable and elastic solutions to our customers. We monitor the usage control, report to achieve transparency. We can provide on demand cloud based services to multitude of customers.We do quality engineering to ensure continuous supply of our cloud services.